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  • The Best Pricing Strategies For Small Hotels

    In today’s competitive hospitality landscape, owners and general managers of small hotels struggle to find the pricing ‘sweet spot’. Striking an optimal balance between attracting guests and maximising revenues can feel like…

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  • Hotel Dynamic Pricing: An Essential Overview

    In today’s dynamic travel landscape, static hotel pricing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Enter hotel dynamic pricing – a strategy that many hoteliers deploy, on the basis that it…

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  • An Introduction To Revenue Management Systems (RMS) For Hotels

    In a highly competitive industry, revenue management systems (RMS) for hotels have become essential for properties to compete effectively in real-time, utilising automation and data-driven insights to maximise revenue and profitability to…

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  • A Beginner’s Guide To Hotel Pricing Strategy

    A variety of pricing strategies are used by hotels to maximise occupancy and revenues. Some common hotel pricing strategies you may have heard of are Dynamic Pricing, Length of Stay Pricing and…

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  • The Importance Of Yield Management In Hotels

    Yield Management, in hotels, is one of the earliest techniques used for the purpose of maximising revenues. Pioneered by the airlines in the United States in the 1980’s and later adopted by…

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  • 5 Benefits Of A Great Revenue Management Consultant

    Hotel owners use revenue management consultants for a multitude of reasons. In some cases, it is to acquire experience and knowledge because their property is failing to reach its goals, but it…

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  • How To Develop A Revenue Management Strategy For Your Hotel

    Hoteliers in the UK are contending with a challenging economic environment that has seen the cost of living and energy soar, huge labour shortages, interest rates rising and now, a recession. An…

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  • 7 Tips To Increase Hotel Occupancy Rates

    Hotel occupancy rates can be indicative of success, but they must be viewed in context, alongside other key metrics such as Market Penetration Index (MPI), which offers a way to compare your…

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  • What Is The Role Of A Hotel Revenue Manager?

    A hotel revenue manager and wider revenue teams drive successful business operations for hoteliers, irrespective of whether they work on-property, as part of a centralised team or remotely within an outsourced revenue…

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